About Brittany Stoess | Adventure & the Wild

Hi! I'm Brittany: lover of road trips, mountains, and good conversation over coffee. I'm a hand-lettering artist with a passion for loving people and the great outdoors, and I'm so glad you're here!

Adventure & the Wild is a Chattanooga, TN-based lifestyle brand inspired by mountain air, campfires and the open road. I create outdoors-inspired designs for the shop, and share thoughts on adventure and living a purposeful life in my semi-weekly Campfire Chats emails (sign up here + get a free workbook!). I'm also available for custom work and brand collaborations, so if you're looking for a creative, hand-lettered touch to your project, let's talk! I'd love to work together.

At Adventure & the Wild, my goal is to create pieces for you: the curious, creative explorer with a heart for purpose + adventure. More than selling products, though, Adventure & the Wild is about creating connections + building an adventurous, encouraging community that isn't afraid to dig deeper and get vulnerable. I hope you'll join us.